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Marketing agency with the superpower in digital

We'll find clients and the things they google and will make them buy your brand

  • We make researches and strategies
  • We create advertising and sites
  • We bring clients from the digital

We've transformed our knowledge into result for 70+ clients


categories of goods and services that we have promoted

73 м.

UAH of advertising budget with posistive ROMI


Countries in which we made marketing and advertising


Integrations and PR that have been placed for over 4 years


Digital strategy, SEO (semantics and predictive analytics, site and content architecture, linkbuilding), YouTube marketing from microbloggers to integrations with Yuriy Dud.

+ 462% — brand knowledge growth

+ 6.500.000 — traffic growth

+ 1.160.500.000 — coverage on YouTube


Digital strategy, SEO (site and content architecture, linkbuilding, SPA-optimization and technical control of a site's moving)

98% — of visibility in top categories for a period of 4 months

+ 791% — traffic growth after its drop


Researches, predictive analytics, SEO must have, support and promotion

+ 130% — new traffic pages

+ 200% — traffic growth

Freedom finance

Strategy, creative solutions and full digital-support: CJM research, creation of new products (VPC) and sales funnels, branding, website development, WEB-analytics, SEO, PPC, Digital PR 6 advertizing campaigns from creative solutions to programmatic buying, YouTube series promotion

Новини 24

Audit and strategy of a YouTube channel, design-support, search promotion


Strategy and redesign of a YouTube channel, video optimization


Must have SEO (semantics, technical optimization, website structure and CJM-content-strategy), SEO-support under a redesign and cms changing

Арма Моторс

Website development, SEO must have and promotion, PPC

Viking Motors

Website development, SEO must have and promotion, PPC


Researches, branding, VPC development, communication strategy, landing + PPC

We are turned to for help when there is a need to not only make a promo video and create a website, although for these things too. We are needed, when people want to make a cool product and tell about it. We are needed for researches and insights to not be lying dusty in googledocs and promos without coverage, but for them to become hypotheses in the well-adjusted marketing system. We are reached out when a brand aims to have growing ROMI.

Working from the strategy to report in the dashboard

Marketing partner

If you need to build up consistent marketing, we will supply your team with specialists of required directions, starting with basics and collecting semantics and ending up with PPC and Youtube control.

Project contractor

In case you already have a detailed brief and action plan, we will deal with the digital, website or advertising materials.

There are hundreds of marketing directions and services, but all of them have three most important steps: research, planning, and implementation. And that’s our difference - we can do all three of them. And we know how to make profit bigger than investment.

The main stages of our work are the following


We carry out qualitative
and quantitative researches, expand data through analytics of competitors and desk-research

So that marketing and creative solutions are built up on evidential base, but not intuition. (evidence-based marketing is our everything)


We develop a value proposition, built on data, and then we check it.

Next we produce all the marketing acts of a brand to earn profit throughout the whole client's journey.


We embody developed strategies with the help of branding, advertisement materials and website development. Learn more about the consistent approach.

We use our superpower in the digital promotion and influence-marketing.

Services and products

  • SEO at startup
  • Technical audit
  • Site Structure and Content
  • Content and link promotion
  • Google Search, GDN, Shopping
  • Facebook & Instagram Аds
  • Programmatic buying
  • Direct buying
Digital PR & Influencer
  • Integrations with bloggers
  • Special projects and collaborations
  • Press-releases and publications
  • YouTube optimization
  • Design support
  • WEB (websites, design of the system)
  • Graphic
    (logobooks, banners, key-visual)
Web Development
  • Оne-page websites
  • E-commerce with integrations
  • Sites with content on the whole client's journey.
  • Texts on site
  • Press-releases and reviews
  • Editing
  • Translations
Research & Strategy
  • CustDev + CJM building
  • Desk Research and semantics
  • Mediaplanning
  • Brand and communication strategies
Web Analytics
  • Web-analytics setting
  • End-to-end Analytics building
  • A/B-testing
  • Automatization and dashboards
ORM & Linkbuilding
  • Eliminate negativity in the network
  • Linkbulding & crowd-marketing
  • Linkbulding & crowd-marketing
  • Maps and Local SEO
There are multiple products and tasks we can produce:
- it's 15$/hour or more for tasks
- it's 400$ or more for complex solutions if two and more specialists are engaged

Team achievements

We got into Effie final in 2018 in the category "Native ads" for the case with the biggest coverage and financial result.

Together we develop the market of interactive advertising in Ukraine and strive to make the digital to be understandable.

Everyone of us undergoes certifications as a mandatory training stage and efficiency confirmation

Idea without realization ― is just an idea

That's why we unite people, that generate ideas and creative solutions and can implement them systematically.

There are analysts and strategists, copywriters and designers, digital specialists and developers among us.

For over 4 years we have grown from three hard-skilled specialist-cofounders into an agency with 5 independent directions. Each direction can already become an individual agency, but for now it works better teamwise.

B2 is an agency made up by different people, which learned to collaborate to give our clients business-results

We know pretty well:

  • what Agile, Retro, Demo, Kick-off meeting are and how to deal with them in CRM
  • what JTBD is and how to build up Customer Journey
  • what strategy and tactics are - we will supplement the first one, and implement the second one
  • what ROMI and other ro- are and when these metrics are useless

We work with people first
and brands next

The main prerogative for us is the people we work with, and only then goes budgets, cases and hype.

We are into systematic approach at work, but definitely believe in agile and that interaction between people is more important than processes and tools. We are quite sure that this is the only way of topnotch result achieving. It doesn't matter if we work with an international brand or with a little but ambitious start-up or with an e-commerce with a million of positions - we are people and we work with people.

That's why we try to achieve a direct contact with a business owner and can decline a bureaucratic tender with great ease, if it isn't supported by a motivated team.

We help other teams

Marketing agencies

on research stages for brands and products creation

UI/UX и Web-studios

during development of a website structure and content on its pages

Creative agencies

on the stage of strategy development for communactional solutions

Let us discuss competitors over coffee and agree on how to top up your products
These are the screenshots from the services, they speak from themselves
The client has worked with us since the end of 2016. The promotion region: the US. There was almost no organic traffic on the site at the beginning of the work. Now we collaborate on several projects.
We pumped up traffic 2 times after the structure expanding
The client is a multi-million and multi-page e-commerce project. We have worked as a remote SEO team since 2017. We eliminated the consequences of link promotion and we permanently work on the structure and linking.
We have increased traffic by 5,000,000 month to month. We have become the TOP brand in the category.
The client is a representative of a highly competitive financial industry. He has worked with us since the end of 2019.

We completely relaunched the site, from a new search structure to the design of unique service pages, we got links organically due to the digital-pr campaign.
We increased organic traffic 10 times in the subject with a click cost from $15.


What we have achieved, written, designed, filmed

I need:
You have a task and we have products for its solution and a team, ready for nonstandard challenges.

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